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Trust Board (Trustees)

The main responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to:

  • set the strategic direction of the Trust;
  • hold senior school leadership to account;
  • oversee the Trust’s financial performance; and
  • engage with key stakeholder groups.

The Board of Trustees signs off the annual accounts and is responsible for adherence to the academy trust’s funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education. 

At all times, the Trustees are accountable to the Members of the Trust and the Secretary of State for Education.

The Trust Board operate a number of committees to help it discharge its responsibilities more effectively (please see the link on the right for more information).

Register of Trustees 2021-2022
Trustee Position Appointing Body Term from Term To Resignation Date
Bertrand Emecheta (Chair of Trustees) Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 01.09.2019 31.08.2023 -
Stephen Foster (Vice Chair of Trustees) Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 31.08.2019 31.08.2023 31.03.22
Simon Darby Trustee Trust Board 10.03.2020 09.03.2024 -
Claire O'Connor Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 01.09.2019 31.08.2023 -
Anne Ofeke Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 01.09.2019 31.08.2023 -
Stephen Adamson Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 01.09.2021 31.08.2025 -
Bernadette Fisher Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 14.10.2021 13.10.2025 -
Maria Shepherd Foundation Trustee Diocese of Brentwood 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2021
Roles and Responsibilities 2021-2022
Trustee Role
Bertrand Emecheta Chair of Trustees
Stephen Foster

Vice Chair of Trustees

DPO Trustee Lead

Simon Darby Wellbeing Trustee Lead
Claire O'Connor

Chair of Finance Committee

Chair of Governance, Regulatory and Policies Committee

Chair of Audit and Risk Committee 

Anne Ofeke

HR Trustee Lead

Chair of Pay and Personnel Committee

Stephen Adamson Chair of Teaching, Learning and Standards Committee
Bernadette Fisher Safeguarding Trustee Lead

Business and Pecuniary Interests of Trustees 2021-2022



Business Interests

Other educational establishments governed

Personal Relationships within the Trust

Bertrand Emecheta Regional Head, DfE None None
Stephen Foster

SWF Educational Consultancy

Tridan Business Concepts

None None
Simon Darby



Wife is a teacher at St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Claire O'Connor None None

Sister to SBM/CFO

Anne Ofeke

Presanne Training Consultancy Ltd

None None
Stephen Adamson Diocese of Brentwood Multi-Academy Trust Development Officer None None
Bernadette Fisher Director Brentwood Catholic Children Society None None
Maria Shepherd (Resigned)

Deputy Director of Education for Brentwood (BRES)

Vice Chair of St John Fisher Catholic Primary, Loughton None


Trust Board Attendance 2020 - 2021

The board of trustees has formally met six times during the year. Attendance during the year at meetings of the board of trustees was as follows:

Trustee Meetings attended Out of a possible
Bertrand Emecheta 6 6
Stephen Foster 6 6
Simon Darby 4 6
Claire O'Connor 6 6
Anne Ofeke 4 6
Stephen Adamson (appointed 1 September 2021) 0 0
Bernadette Fisher (appointed 14 October 2021) 0 0
Maria Shepherd (resigned 31 August 2021) 6 6